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Hello, and welcome to my world, The Wunderwurld.

Not only is this a place where you can find the latest news and get your hands on exclusive merch, albums, books, rare memorabilia and so forth. The way I envision it, this should be the melting pot for all I do and have done creatively for the past 3 decades or so.

From my official ‘birth’ in 1989 as drummerboy with King Diamond through numerous bands & projects in my rock n’ rollercoaster hellride that landed in the inevitable namesake one man army of Snowy Shaw. (the only ‘band’ I can’t quit, until I die that is)

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Latest releases



The book contains weird tales of metal, science, horror, mystery, and dark comedy.

Custom-made Black & White Lightningbolt Wristband by Snowy Shaw

Custom-Made Snowy Lightning Wristband, limited edition.
White Or Black leather.

Monster Hits! The Beast of Notre Dame

by Snowy Shaw & his imaginary fiends.

The essential Notre Dame collection. Remixed, Remastered, Re-Issue of the underground classic tracks and previously unreleased gems. 20 songs. Limited Edition CD with unique artwork design & layout. Autographed!

Notre Dame: Vampirella

Vampirella – the classic movie poster image of the first mini album ’98 starring: Snowy Shaw, Jean-Pierre De Sade, Mannequin De Sade, Vampirella. Dracula Sucks!
in a tombstone design on WHITE T-shirt with black & grey prints.

Drumheads from various live & recording sessions, signed by Snowy Shaw.

A number of drumsheads used primarily on studio recordings and some live shows occasionally.

1. Snowy Shaw – This is Heavy Metal (4 pcs)
2. Opera Diabolicus (3 pcs)
3. Impera (2 pcs)
4. Therion (4 pcs)
5. Peterson (2 pcs)
6. Sabaton (3 pcs)
7. Dark Embrace (2 pcs)
8. Mad Architect (3 pcs)
9. Snömannen / Barndoom (2 pcs)
10. Snowy Shaw (Live show & studio) (3pcs)
etc etc… Go Check!

Note: Get yourself a pair of the Snowy Shaw Signature Drumsticks by Wincent Sticks while you’re at it, for a total price 100€.

This is Heavy Metal, Plain & Simple (Double multicoloured Vinyl)

Fanpack Bundle 1: “Heavy” (60€)
1. Double Vinyl LP (This is Heavy Metal, Plain & Simple)
2. Special album poster
3. T-shirt
4. Patch & sticker

Fanpack Bundle 2: “Metal” (100€)
1. Everything from Fanpack Bundle 1!
2. Snowy signature drumstick (used during recording)
3. Digipack CD
4. Evans drumhead, especially signed & dedicated to you!

This is Heavy Metal, Plain & Simple (Digi CD)

Fanpack Exclusive


  • The collection of singles released digitally throughout 2021 with 1 per month + 2 bonus tracks
  • Choose any standard price T-shirt (30€) from the stock
  • You get your CD personally signed

Snowy Shaw 3D-pin


Snowy Shaw Wizard 3D-pin by Poser 667 Productions, Germany.

The Book of Heavy Metal (autobiography)

Autobiography, 2020

In this brutally open-hearted and honest book Snowy Shaw is telling his extraordinary life story with all the ups and downs on the rock n’ rollercoaster ride…

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Metal Shock ›
Goodreads ›

Live In Hell

Album, 2020

This Fanpack includes:

  • Live In Hell – Limited Gold Edition Vinyl Live Album – Gatefold LP
  • Tour t-shirt
  • Tour poster
  • All numbered, autographed and dedicated to you!

Snowy Shaw: White Is The New Black

Best Metal/Rock Album of the Year, 2018

White double LP – Exclusive 333 (half evil) Limited Edition with no less than 4 extra bonus tracks!

Also on Digi CD

Dream Evil – DragonSlayer (exclusive re-issue vinyl)

The successful debut album of Dream Evil – Dragonslayer (2002)
Here in an exclusive Limited Edition black/white marbled vinyl bundle with the original promocard 2002 (signed)

Opera Diabolicus: Death a Pale Horse

Blue, Red, White and Black Marbled Double Vinyl. Strictly Limited To 200 Copies Worldwide!

Horror Masters OPERA DIABOLICUS’ Sophomore Full-length featuring:
Snowy Shaw – Drums & Vocals (King Diamond, Mercyful Fate, Notre Dame, Therion, Memento Mori, Dimmu Borgir etc)
Mats Levén – Vocals ( Candlemass, Therion, Yngwie Malmsteen, Krux, Vanderberg etc)

Snowy Shaw signature drumsticks by Wincent.

A pair of the Snowy Shaw Signature Drumsticks by Wincent Sticks.

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Latest news

Music Videos


Official Video, 2016

Produced by Snowy Shaw for Wunderwurld Music & films. Filmed and edited by Lucky Ludde. Additional footage by Patric Ullaeus. Recorded at Tomten’s Verkstad. Mixed and mastered by Fredrik Nordström at Studio Fredman.


Official Video, 2016

Brand new music & video of Snowy Shaw. Filmed and directed by Patric Ullaeus of Revolver Film Company. Mixed and Mastered by Arnold Lindberg of Sound Industry. Music & Lyrics written, performed and produced by Snowy Shaw.

Featuring special guest star appearance by Arthur Brown – The God Of Hellfire. + trade off guest solos by Lasse Johansson – Candlemass and Mike Wead – King Diamond.


Official Video, 2016

Written, recorded and produced by Snowy Shaw.
Mixed by Arnold Lindberg at Sound Industry, Gothenburg.

Be Kind To Animals Or I'll Kill You!


A song that’s part of the campaign foundation by the same name founded by Snowy & friends to help put a stop to animal cruelty. Our aim is to spread awareness and improve the conditions for all animals around the globe.

All profits will be donated to animal rights organization, shelters and rescues.

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