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Terms & Conditions

We ship world wide !

All orders are handled by Snowy Shaw Productions and are shipped out of our location in Gothenburg, Sweden.

  • Delivery (normally) within 3-6 days depending on where we should send stuff.
  • Sometimes and somewhere it can take much longer time due to customs etc...
  • Shipping costs depends on what & where we should send stuff.
  • To see the exact price before your order, please add stuff to your basket & continue to Check Out.

(NEW! The Autobiography can also be purchased from the U.S storage. Recommended for people in North America, as the shipping is then cut in half)


Registered mail

Registered mail have nothing to do with UPS, DHL and other sorts of parcel services. It is still regular mail service, but the package is insured and there is a tracking number in case it would get lost. The tracking number is international and one can be tracked on the internet in many countries (seldomly in Latin America).

  • Registration costs 8 euro.
  • If your order contains 5 or more items (not including posters), you will automatically get a registration FOR FREE!
  • You can preset registered mail in your personal setting, but you also always have the possibility to choose registered or non-registered mail when you end your order and go to checkout.
  • If your package gets lost, Snowy Shaw Store will make a claim for it here in Sweden and either track the package so it can be delivered or send you a new package free of charge. If a package has not been delivered 14 days after being shipped, you should contact the Store Administration.
  • The requirement of registered mail does NOT apply to posters, they always seems to get through in the mail anywhere in the world. So if you order a poster, no need to register it.

Customers in latin america, Asia (except Japan), Africa and East European countries not in the EU.

For these territories we require each order to be registered, OR you must send us a mail directly after making the order where you tell us your name, the order number and that you want us to send your order with regular unregistered mail at your own risk. We are well aware of that the reliability of the post service vary a lot in for example Latin America and Asia that some countries have acceptable reliability, this is something you probably know better than we do. Therefore we offer you to mail us if you are willing to take the risk.

Any unregistered orders not being asked by mail to be sent unregistered as described in above, will be rejected and the money refunded.

Customers in the EU, Switzerland, Norway, Japan, USA, Canada, Australia & New Zealand

You normally don't need a registration for a safe delivery. But if you live in a place where you know the mail service is unreliable or if you feel paranoid, then you have the option of adding registered mail when you do the order.

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