Wunderwurld Music

Short snippet of a very unconventional, not to say unorthodox project…

…where I was hired by my Italian buddy Vallerga to do,.. well basically EVERYTHING!

Sure, I’m something of a One Man Army when in comes to music and everything that comes with the territory. After 30+ years I thought I’d experienced pretty much every single scenario in terms of peculiar projects but I guess I was wrong. Dead Wrong! A few weeks ago Mr Vallerga approached me about the idea then later sent me a very rough demo of a song he’d written called ‘Bewitched By The Moon’ on which he basically wanted me to “Snowify it” and record & produce my very own interpretation of it. Not only play all instruments and vocals but also arrange, mix and master the whole shebang! – You know me, I’m always up for a challenge and pushing the envelop a little, and this certainly was a weird enough idea for me to sink my teeth into.

Before long I will be publishing, possibly a short documentary of the whole creative process on my Snowy Shaw Official Youtube page, or at least a A & B sample of the song back to back (please make sure to subscribe so won’t miss out). Then later on it will be included on their new album. How’s that? Stay in the loop, and as always Stay Trüe!


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